For years, progressives at the Rhode Island House of Representatives have imposed absolute havoc on the citizens of Rhode Island.

50th Worst State for Business ( 47th two years ago)

47th worst run state (outdated administration and systems, poor management of taxpayers’ dollars)

We aren’t growing enough jobs. Paychecks are stagnant and small business, which is the backbone of our state, are buried in red tape, costly fees and regulations.

Revenues that feed our community programs, schools, and infrastructure are drying up.

While Rhode Island government is buried in never-ending scandals our families are faced with seeing their kids have to leave for states that are less corrupt and fiscally diverse.

The only ideas the group of stagnant lawmakers in Providence can come up with is more taxes, tolls, and fees.

For Jamestown and Newport we must end our complete reliance on tourism and focus on a year-round economy.

There is so much that needs to be done, and we can do it – but we need your support and vote on the special election date – August 22nd!


1. Accelerate re-alignment of the bridge off ramp. Freeing up lands for business development.

2. Work with the Navy regarding upcoming land development for business, and open space.

3. Continue the task of a diverse economy with industry and incubator hubs that encourage small, manufacturing, and high tech businesses.

4. Make Jamestown and Newport a hub for eco-friendly business.

5. Aggressive action to reduce the corporate tax, state sales tax and outdated regulations.

6. Create Tax credits for startup businesses.

7. End the corporation fee for startups and small business that employ 15 or less people.

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