The progressives in the State House and Senate lack concern, creativity, and have run out of ideas to stimulate Rhode Island’s economy and restore our infrastructure. The first thing they should attack is why Rhode island has one of the highest road and bridge budgets, yet we are stuck in last place – we are 50th in the nation for WORST roads and bridges. We do not need toll gantries throughout the state. We need to fix our problem of waste, outdated spending, and horrible administration.

The “truck” toll, is an illusion which is primed for cars, and a policy that will once again hit already strapped Jamestown, Newport, and all Rhode Island taxpayers.

Last session, there were unsuccessful attempts by some lawmakers to seek:

1. Alternative ways to fund infrastructure needs. A “Pay As You Go” plan.
2. Not incur more debt on RI taxpayers with more bonds from Wall Street. We are already 2nd highest in debt.
3. Monies from corrupt and outdated programs such as the vote buying process of “Legislative Grants”.

The progressives at the State House shot all of these suggestions down.

My priority if I am elected the State Senator for Jamestown and Newport will be to seek ways to consolidate systems. We are the size of a medium size city in America. Let’s reduce the number of highways departments, and consolidate the bridge and highway departments. At the very least, we can consolidate or centralize administration. I will seek an audit of the budgets, payrolls, and contract awards given throughout the state.

Rhode Island already has one of the highest spending per mile on roads and bridges in the country. There is clearly extreme waste, mismanagement, and red tape causing our end result to be WORST roads and bridges in the country, and the only way to change that is to elect independent minded leaders who can get right to work on these important issues and hold people accountable.

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