I take the hardships Rhode Island seniors are facing personally. I will demand change!

Seniors are becoming the largest sector of our population. They have earned our respect and it is our duty to honor them with a more comfortable and easier ways of life. Unfortunately, career politicians have worked for large donors and specials interests, instead of supporting our seniors.

Rhode Island is ranked the 5oth worst state to retire, according to AARP and other media outlets.

I have learned a lot of what the average senior goes through in our state. My mother lives with the daily struggles and hardships, many of which have been put in place by career politicians.

I also learn as I knock on doors and meet with many in senior centers and homes.

Many of the things we talk about are the hardships in ever rising Medicare, prescriptions, utilities, and housing.

Also, as the Rhode Island’s mired political system continues to drive away businesses and working families, so goes the state’s revenues. The result is the drying up of much needed monies for vital services to our aging population.

  • I will fight to for RIPTA to extend free transportation to all seniors over 65, and increase routes and timing for disabled pickups.
  • Dealing with the “new and improved” software system that has cost Rhode Island taxpayers millions, and is still not getting much needed benefit checks to those in need.
  • Ending all taxes on elderly benefits, and military retirement benefits.
  • Easing current housing waiting lists, and asking why are so many younger, and able bodied individuals getting housing over elderly and disabled.
  • Easing the miles of confusing paperwork and red tape seniors must face to apply for benefits and housing. (as well as hours of being on hold with state agencies)

There is much work to be done in this area. You can count on this being a top priority.

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