Current State leaders and Commerce RI do not understand our economy. Using millions of taxpayer dollars to entice a few companies to come to Rhode Island, they help a select few, but ignore the majority of our small businesses. They then parade this as success.

To have a really thriving economy, with plentiful well-paying jobs with good futures, we must go back and remove the barriers that are hurting our business climate. There are too many regulations that add cost, but no value. We have crushing property taxes. We have electric rates with annual double digit increases.

We have an environment that is hostile to businesses. Change does not have to cost money – it will instead take a fresh approach and a lot of political will.

Current companies and new ones need a more welcoming place to grow. We need to make it easier for them to prosper, and throwing their resources via taxes at a myriad of ‘corporate subsidies’ is folly until we fix the damaging policies that are weighing down our growth.

Companies should come to RI because it’s a great place to succeed, not because we pay them to come, and if I am elected your State Senator on August 22nd, that is what I plan to accomplish.

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